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Nilay Sabuncuoğlu is a multidisciplinary stylist and lifestyle photographer based in Bodrum.


Her art career began with conceptual art study at university and after the years she spent in the fashion industry where she honed her skills in photography and styling. But it was the natural beauty and simple lifestyle of Bodrum that truly sparked her artistic vision, allowing her to channel this aesthetic language into works of her visual arts.


Her works has been recognized at festivals and biennials around the world, including Ferrera International Festival- Italy, International Video Art Festival - Buenos Aires, Prog Me Fest - Brazil, where she represented Turkey with her short films. And with her ongoing education in art history, she is constantly expanding her understanding of the creative process, drawing on the rich traditions of the nature morte’s. She shares her country life and the table setups under the name galatea_sa at instagram.

Her works has also featured in the several magazines such as Maison Française, All Decor, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire Turkey.


Today, she continues to teach photography and lead styling workshops in Bodrum, sharing her passion for the visual arts with aspiring artists and enthusiasts alike. And with each new project, whether it's a styling consultancy or a visual installation, she strive to reveal this mediterranean light. 

For bookings and inquiries, please send an email to



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